Rescue Orchid update

Do you remember that Orchid I've rescued back in January? It produced a secondary spike and a new leaf!

Isn't it gorgeous? :) I keep my Phalaenopsis orchids downstairs in my garage on the windowsill. My plan is to bring them upstairs once they are in bloom so I can enjoy them more.
at the moment they stay mostly in water but as it gets cooler I am planning to go back to semi-water culture (letting them stand without water for couple of days). It seems to work well so far and I haven't lost an orchid in a long-long time.

In terms of personal updates it has been almost two weeks of me not working. I am somewhat enjoying it as I find myself to be less stressed and more healthy as I have been exercising more and cooking mostly at home. As a bonus my house is extra clean and I've been seeing my friends a lot more. On the other side I do feel like I am lacking a structure to my week and I wish I had more certainty.

I have been proactive with my job search and landed an interview last week. It was a small business and several red flags popped up. It was mentioned to me that one of the previous employees left due to mental breakdown, I was asked if I had children and whether I was planning to have some soon and when I answered "No" the response was "Yeah, that's what someone else said and ended up pregnant in two months"! I bet he wouldn't ask me those questions if I was a male. My husband wasn't happy either.


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