My top 10 make-up discoveries of 2015

I went through a period of time when I wasn't buying much make-up and was resisting blogs, youtube channels and other triggers to go on a binge. It was good to detox and discover several new products in 2015 that I absolutely love using. So here is my top 10 discoveries of 2015.

I got the majority of products on sale, but had to splurge on Hourglass palette, L'Occitane BB cream and Nars duo as I simply couldn't resist.

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette
I've heard a lot of good things about Hourglass powders so trying it out as a palette was a perfect option for me. It has one universal all-over shade, one highlighter and one bronzer. It gives my skin luminous finish and has medium coverage. I would prefer the bronzer to be more reddish rather than orange but other than that it is a perfect palette. It perfect for travel too.

2. MAC brow pencil in Lingering
Finally a brow pencil that is not too grey, yellow or waxy. I've tried so many "blonde" brow pencils that just make my brows weird colour of taupe. This one is warm light brown that goes on like a dream due to very fine point and doesn't need sharpening.

3. L'Occitane BB cream in 02 - Light
It was given to me as a sample and after trying it I knew I had to get it. It feels like a light and creamy moisturizer, has gorgeous natural scent and covers imperfections better than any other BB-cream I've used. My skin loves it too, no breakouts or redness and the shade is perfect for my fair NC25 complexion.

4. L'Occitane Brightening Touch pen
I got it as a complementary product for my BB cream. Ot comes in very nice and heavy metal pen with a brush. It it quite light but works well for hiding dark circles and minor imperfections. On top of everything it also acts like an eye cream improving the areas under the eyes.

5. NARS Dual-Intensity eye shadow in Pasiphae
It was a blind buy from StrawberryNet as they had it heavily reduced on their daily special. It is one of the most gorgeous eye shadows I've ever used! It has duochrome (pink-green) shimmer throughout suspended in reddish dark brown base. Think MAC Club but more stunning. Used dry it created a wash of colour and if you wet the brush it is going to go darker and more intense. It has a gorgeous grape candy scent too.

6. MAC lipstick in Lady Danger
I swapped 6 empties for this lipstick. It is very bright almost neon red that suits most skin tones.

7. Illamasqua nail polish in Harem
Move over Essie and OPI, I have a new favorite. I have several Illamasqua nail polishes now and yet to be disappointed. They have perfect formulas, eye-catching and unique shades and great lasting power. Harem is gorgeous cool purple-pink that looks grown-up and stylish.

8. Lancome Miracle Air Teint foundation
I saw this product on sale and decided to try it out despite the fact that it had light coverage. I am on my second bottle now with two back-ups as I've heard rumors that it might get discontinued. It feels super-light like a serum, glides and blends perfectly yet it still makes my skin look polished. My skin improved tremendously too after ditching a super-heavy foundation. Two thumbs up for this product.

9. Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in Palm Spring
My most recent buy picked up during Boxing day sales. Meteorites been around for over 20 years but I never paid attention because I wasn't sure how they work and used to use full-med coverage powders. This product acts as a finishing powder, setting foundation and creating a glowing sheer veil over skin. They are not cheap, but you get a lot of product! 25 g to be exact compared to the usual 7-10 g you get from normal compact powders.

10. NARS eye shadow duo in Kalahari 
Versatile pearly bronze and milk chocolate shades in Nars classic buttery formula. Perfect for every day as well as special occasions. I took this duo only for my trip to NZ and was happy using it for 7 days non-stop. 


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