Boxing Day 2015

I spent three days at home lounging around, watching TV and taking naps. It was wonderful but I started to get a cabin fever so today I decided to get out and check out the shops.

Shopping on Boxing day in suburban shopping centers scarred me for a while with standstill car parks, people everywhere, screaming kids and mostly useless leftover stock on offer. So I figured Brisbane CBD was my best bet. I found car park on the street straight away only short 5 minute walk from the center. Queen street mall was still packed with crowds and I saw few shops letting only limited numbers of people at a time (Windsor Smith and Hype).

I went to Zara, David Jones and Myer (only one level as I couldn't handle going up the escalators), L'Occitane and Topshop. I didn't bother with the change rooms as the line ups were huge and I though it would be easier to return something instead (like the cute yellow dress I picked up from Topshop but it just doesn't suit me).

Anyways I ended up with...

1. Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Cologne set $58 reduced from $84 from David Jones
It is not the first male fragrance I am more than eager to wear myself. I told my other half that I got it for him but I plan to use it myself (hehehe). It is the most perfect and fresh blend of sweet citrus, almonds and musk with slight earthiness from vetiver.

2. L'Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L'Eau $35 reduced from $70 from L'Occitane
This must be my favorite version of their Cherry Blossom fragrance. I tested it couple of months ago at L'Occitane outlet at Harbourtown but decided to walk away as I've already spent too much money that day. However I wanted it badly. I went to the L'Occitane boutique with the sole purpose of hunting it down and there it was at 50% off. It has fruity but well balanced opening featuring watermelon and currants minus the headache-inducing nuance of a lot of modern fruity fragrances. Then it mellows to soft floral base. I love the fact that L'Occitane uses high-quality natural ingredients in their perfumes.

3. Illamasqua Nail Polish in Prismatic $8.50 reduced from $24 from Myer
I love every single Illamasqua nail polish I've collected in the last couple of years. They have good coverage, drying time and staying power. Not to mention gorgeous and unique colours. Prismatic is a soft blue shade with lots of pink and purple particles that change to gold in certain lights.

 It reminds me of an afternoon sky when you start getting all these pretty colours on a blue background.

4. Guerlain Meteorites in Palm Springs (Rainbow Pearls) $49 reduced from $70 from David Jones
I finally got "the ballz"! I've heard a lot about them but never got around to getting them as I used to use more matte and fuller coverage powders. However in the recent few months my skin improved a lot and I have been wearing lighter and sheer formulas more. I tested them first and walked away as I wanted to do a bit more research. Few times the light caught the back of my hand where I tested them and it was illuminated with very pretty shimmer. I was mesmerized. While waiting for my lunch I've also learned that this particular edition came on very pretty and solid metal container as opposed to their paper packaging.

On top of everything they were sold for quite a bit online and David Jones price was very reasonable. I grabbed my lunch and went back to DJ, half of them were gone within an hour.

My pretties <3


  1. Well done on facing the crowds are getting this post up so fast! I haven't even taken my pictures yet :P


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