Current winter favorites

 I like winter. The days are shot but sunny, the sky is clear and the light comes down at a nice angle. It is a great time to go for a walks during the day and snuggling in front of TV at night. I also love to embrace layered clothes and rich scents. So here is my current winter favorites.

 Keiko Mecheri Cuir Fauve perfume - sweet, smoky and mysterious. It smells very polished and opens up nicely during cooler months.

 Zara leather jacket - got it in Singapore couple of years ago and been wearing it lots! It is super-soft and super-comfortable and can be worn with so many different outfits!

 TOPSHOP cutout booties- they make my legs look slender and are super comfortable to wear. I never want them to fall apart.
 Amouage Epic body creme - ultimate luxury. I love Epic perfume and decided to get matching body creme when it was on sale at David Jones. I find that my EDP can be full on so body creme is a softer version of the scent. I apply it on my chest and shoulders only as it is very scented.

 Glassons stripe top - I got it as soon as I saw it in the shop. It has zipper at the back so it falls really nicely and it is made from soft and comfortable good quality thick cotton.

 Glassons khaki jeans - finally I got myself a pair of these famous skinny jeans. They lived up to their reputation, very comfortable and flattering. I also love the colour as it goes with a lot of clothes I currently have.

 Lorna Jane aviator vest - I got it last year and been wearing it all the time. It went twice overseas with me and I wear it to work to stay warm during chilly mornings and afternoons. It is waterproof  and has very flattering shape (unlike a lot of other winter vests which tend to be very bulky).

Korres guava lip butter - saw it at my local Mecca Cosmetica and fell in love with the scent. I managed to find it on SN and been using it a lot. It feels smooth and rich on my lips, gives them a hint of colour (makes them light pink) and I am yet to experience dry lips this winther.


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