Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bellabox November 2013

This month Bellabox arrived a bit later than usual (I got mine yesterday).
 The theme of this month is "Refreshing Beauty". I though it would be a bit more Christmas-y since we are less than month away now.

 There was four skincare items

1. Puretan Purebronze Light-Medium Lotion 15 ml (value $2.25)
I like small tubes of self-tanner because they are great for holidays. This one is tinted and has very nice scent plus you have to wash it off in one hour.

2. Wilde Organics E'Lustrous Shea (value $4)
I gather it is a body butter. It is meant to be all organic and natural but I am not a huge fan. a) The scent is not the most pleasant and I like my products to smell nice...and b)RRP $40 for 150 ml? I can get some organic shea and coconut oil from health food store and make my own for way less. I can see myself using it on my feet and elbows.

3. Indio SOS Gel - Redness Rescue (value $14.40)
I don't really suffer from excessive redness. I only get rosy cheeks if it is very hot or I've been doing cardio. Will give it a try though.

4. Bump Eraser Medi Paste
I got a full sized product last year in one of the beauty boxes. It is not as miraculous as they claim it is but I find that it acts as a good antiseptic of you have an existing ingrown hair.

 plus I received two make-up items.

5. Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen (full size RRP$11.99)
I don't usually do boo-boos with my mascara but it will be very handy when I apply liquid eye liner. Probably my favourite product out of the lot

6. Bellabox Pout pencil in Colar Me Maybe (full size RRP$14.95)
It is unscented lip crayon, very similar to Face of Australia ones (maybe a bit more pigmented). It is nice but I wouldn't pay $15 for it.
Overall value...$47.59
Not my favorite box as I can see myself not using 1/2 of the products in it. I've cancelled my subscription for next month as I already have too many sample to use up.

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