Monday, August 26, 2013

June-Aug '13 empties

1. Diorskin Nude foundation trial size 5 ml

My overall impression - I've used this foundation before and I like it. It gives my skin very natural finish yet it covers imperfections well. The staing power is decent but not transfer-proof. It also doesn't break me out which is always a big bonus. I took it with me on my 5-week holiday and one small 5 ml lasted me this whole time.

Would I buy it again - Yes, it is a good general foundation. I usually wait intill it is on sale on strawberrynet as my last full size bottle only cost me $34

2. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume

My overall impression- One of those mascaras with rubber brushes. The consistency was good but apart from that it was very average.

Would I buy it again? - No, even though it only cost me $10. There are better mascaras out there in the same price range.

3. Crabtree and Evelyn India Hicks hand cream

My overall impression - Smells really nice and absorbs without residue. I just find that C&E hand cream are not moisturising enough for winter months.

Would I buy it again? - No, there are other hand creams that suit me better. I will still use it however if it comes as a freebie or GWP. I also dislike carrying metal tubes in my bag as they can leak.

4. L'Occitane Essential Oils shower gel, trial size 15 ml

My overall impression- It smells gorgeous (and natural), very thick and concentrated so it lasts a while and it doesn't irritate my skin.

Would I buy it again?-  If I find it on sale as L'Occitane body products are a bit overpriced.

5. De Lorenzo Granite Hair Spray, travel size

My overall impression - Firm hold hair spray with pleasant smell. It last well and hold my hair without gluing it together into strands or discolouring it (no crusty curls!). I took it with me travelling and used it nearly every day on my fringe.

Would I buy it again? - Yes, this is one of the best hairs prays I've tried.

6. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray, Full Size

My overall impression - A lot of people seem to like this product but it wasn't for me. It doesn't hold my hair well and it seem to disappear after few hours. Plus the scent is very nauseating.

Would I buy it again? - No, I didn't like it at all.

7. L'Occitane Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, 75 ml each (trial size)

My overall impression - The size was perfect for travelling, it lasted me 4 weeks. The shampoo itself was very nice and thick and foamed up well even in hard water. The conditioner was on the light side (I guess it is means to be like that to prevent adding weight to hair). Both had pleasant herbal scent.

Would I buy it again? - No, I still prefer repairing shampoo and conditioner from L'Occitane even though I have fine hair. They make my hair super soft and shiny.

8. Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash, Full Size

My overall impression - Creamy body wash with generic and somewhat chemical scent

Would I buy it again? - No, there are better products out there even in the same price range. I got it because I really like the original Dove soap thinking it will be very similar but I found moisturising properties were very average plus I wasn't a huge fan of the scent.

9. Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Dunes, full size

My overall impression -I had this palette for ages. At first it seemed to be very ordinary - one dark brown, one beige taupe, one camel beige and one white with golden pearl. However these eye shadows blended beautifully and subtle pearl pigment made them more interesting than plain matte beige and brown eye shadows. I've hit major pan on all of them and had to throw them out because they became quite dry and hard to use.

Would I buy it again? - I would love to find a similar palette but unfortunately this one was a limited edition. I got Urban Decay Naked Basics but it doesn't compare :(

10. Clarins Alcohol-free Toning Lotion with Camomile, Trail Size 100 ml
My overall impression - At first I thought it was too mild, I didn't see a lot of dirt or make-up on my pad like I do with alcohol-based toners. However it helped to clear up my skin without irritating it or breaking it out.  Plus I love the scent!

Would I buy it again? -Yes, I think it is a perfect toner esp. during cooler weather.

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