New addition to the household, living without a car and working four days

Please welcome our new household addition - a gorgeous orchid called Oncidium Sharry Baby.

 It has a subtle honey/vanilla/chocolate smell and was picked up from my local Bunnings for just $17.50. Naturally kitty wanted to investigate my new addition so it is kept well away from her.

Few weeks ago my car decided to have a major breakdown at 5 pm on a busy road. Yes, it was very dramatic! My husband and his brother have plans to repair it itself so it may not happen for a while. Meanwhile I have to share a car with my husband and I just catch a bus to work since I work in the CBD and used to it.

Which brings me to another point... I've negotiated my work hours and I am currently doing four days per week having alternating Mondays and Tuesdays off (perfect cure for the mondayitis). Since husband take the car to work I am being left at home without one so I can concentrate on housework, resting and catching up on my favorite shows. I can longer waste my time and money browsing shops and have an excuse not to drive to the other side of the town to visit my in-laws. I feel way more productive and better rested than before. I can free up my weekend for my social life and hobbies (I am currently doing 2 hour art classes every Saturday).


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