Saturday, April 04, 2015

NAK Colour Mask in Vintage Pink

I love the whole pastel hair trend and originally wanted to tint my hair silver grey but couldn't find suitable product. My local Price Cutters shop had NAK hair masks in various shades of purple, copper, brown and a beautiful pastel pink. 

The swatch looked amazing so I grabbed myself a bottle of Vintage Pink for $26.95. You supposed to leave it on for 3 to 20 min depending if you want just conditioning or tint your hair. I washed my hair, towel dried it and left it on for 20. It did leave my hair nice, shiny and soft but the results didn't meet my expectations.  The colour has some weird copper undertones and didn't show up at all on my natural hair. At least my other half thinks it suits me...

Before and after... 
Edit: EDIT: after few washes pink hue evened out and my hair became a nicely toned shade of blonde. I think I will keep it but only use it for 5 minutes max

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