Sunday, September 28, 2014

June-Sept '14 empties

It took me good 3 weeks to finish this post. I started a new job couple of weeks ago and I work more hours that before plus social life is getting busy so as you imagine I haven't got much time left for blogging.

 Another lot of products has been emptied and some thrown away...

Here is what I've used up in the last couple of months

1. REDKEN Blonde Glam treatment

 My overall impression - Colour-depositing treatment with gorgeous scent. It neutralized brassy tones in my highlighted hair and makes it very shiny and soft
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I think it was my 3-4 bottle of this stuff

2. Billie Goat Milk and Honey soap

My overall impression - yummy scented and very moisturising soap that helped my skin when it was extra sensitive. It is probably the nicest "sensitive skin safe" product I managed to find.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, if I have to. It only lasted me couple of weeks (I usually get 2+ months from my shower gels).

3. Billie Goat Hand and Body wash

My overall impression - Very gentle product that still can cleanse my skin well. Was very useful when my skin had a bit of a freakout.
Would I buy it again? - Even though it lasted me a lot longer than the soap above I admit I was struggling using unscented product...I usually look forward to lathering myself in fragrant foam but this one just didn't provide me with that pleasurable experience.

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery concentrate

My overall impression - I managed to get a sample from Kiehl's counter given how easily I break out and trialed it during 10 days. I must say it is the best facial oil I've used so far. It absorbed easily, had really nice scent and most importantly didn't cause irritation or breakouts. I am planning to get my hands on a bottle when I go to US in November.
Would I buy it again? - YES!

5. L'Occitane Amande Tonic Body Oil

My overall impression - Gorgeously-scented body oil that absorbs easily and gives just the right amount of sheen.
Would I buy it again? - I would think twice before paying full-price again (it was around $50) as you can get similar products for a lot less. But having said that you go get a high-quality product so perhaps a generous GWP or special offer might entice me to get it again.

6. Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (travel size)
My overall impression - Had very fine particles and did what other dry shampoos did - revived my oily hair and gave it volume. It smelled very nice at first but soon it became too much and I had to leave the bathroom.
Woul I buy it again? - No! I prefer my good old Klorane which has very mild scent and doesn't suffocate me.

7. L'Occitane Conditioner for dry and damaged hair

My overall impression - very light and pleasantly scented conditioner (smells like herbs) that complements their shampoo that I really like. It suppose to have lots of natural ingredients.
Would I buy it again? - No. Even though light texture suited my fine hair well it wasn't moisturising enough and my hair became very dry and brittle by the end of 500 ml bottle.

8. EOS Strawberry lip balm

My overall impression - I love the packaging! It is very easy to find it in my hand bag and apply it on my lips. The texture, scent and moisturising properties can't be faulted too!
Would I buy it again? - Yes! I love this lip balm, it is light but leaves my lips nicely moisturised. I am keen to try other flavors too!

9. Revlon Colourstay Aqua finishing powder

My overall impression - Lightweight and transparent finishing power that does exactly what it supposed to do - sets make-up and adds slight matte finish. It has very minimal concealing properties so it is good for natural look. Had refreshing cool feeling at the start but then it disappeared.
Would I buy it again? - It was a good product for the price but I prefer another finishing powder.

10. L'occitane Shea hand cream

My overall impression - One of the best hand creams out there! Good moisturising properties but no greasy feel!
Would I buy it again? - Yes! I have several miniatures floating around my drawers and hand bags. It is a great product.

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  1. Love that handcream! I've always wanted to try those cute egg shaped lip balms. :)