Sunday, April 28, 2013

The day before our wedding...

I am now happily married and my wedding was a success. I'll do few blog entered about my Big Day but I'll start with prequel :) The week before my wedding was one of the most stressful weeks I've had lately. I had to organise lots of little things like sitting charts, table name tags and confirm times with everyone involved. I decided to work two days that week and really regret that decision, lots of work was dumped on me and I had few shitty clients which all added to my stress. I was a wreck on Thursday because everything needed to be done by Friday. 

To top it all off I had a hiccup with a florist. I got a quote from them over 6 months ago and was prepared to pay a deposit but they lost my file and told me that they will get in touch once they find it. I never heard from them so I decided to go with someone more reliable. Anyway that "lost" florist called me on Thursday telling me that my flowers arrived and asked me to pick them up. I was in complete shock because I really couldn't afford to waste money on flowers I didn't need (my other florist was dropping them off to the hotel). I've explained the situation to the lady on the pho e and even though she wasn't impressed she told me not to worry about it. I gels horrible about that misunderstanding and apologised profusely. Everyone kept telling me not to worry about it because it wasn't my fault those people can't manage their business properly

My MIL wanted me to get ready at her place (weird I know) so she could observe the whole process of bride getting ready then she wanted to gather all the neighbours so they could have a look at the bride. I wasn't comfortable of the idea of circus on my wedding day but our budget was very tight. 

Then I got an email from Stamford Plaza offering 25% off their usual rates and booked a room instantly. It was one of the best decisions I've made! I checked in at 4 pm and had very relaxing evening alone and went to bed at 9 30 (had to be up at 5 15). My other half stayed at my in-laws place and he didn't go to sleep until 11 30 because they decided to invite over 30 people for a pre-wedding party.

On Friday I picked up my table flowers from flower market and dropped them off to my reception venue. Then I had my nails done at Pearl Nails at Garden City and was very happy with the results (I got Shellac manicure in Romantique). Girls there were super nice and it was one of the best manicures I had in Brisbane.


Then I picked up my dress and veil and headed straight to Stamford plaza. I organised my accessories for the photographer then headed to the city to have sushi and a glass of plum wine at Hanaichi.

 I finished my evening by taking relaxing bath and watching TV (yep, they had one in the bathroom). It was exactly what I wanted before my wedding day :)

...they had my favourite L'Occitane Verbena products

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