Saturday, February 02, 2013

Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation - what to expect..

Big Thank You to this beautiful lady for improving me in so many ways!

My 12 Weeks Body Transformation challenge is nearly over (just over one week to go) and I must say that
I am a bit upset about it. Never before I wasn't looking forward to finishing a "diet".


 I use term "diet" loosely because it didn't feel like one at all! The food was "real"!
There was no gimmicky shakes instead of meals, no all-fruits-and-carbs-are-banned and certainly no starving yourself!
All your meals are written out for you and you must cook a lot. At first it was overwhelming but after couple of weeks I got a hang of it. Your shopping list for the week is also provided making planning your meals super easy. You are allowed to have one cheat meal per week which lets you still go out and enjoy a meal with your friends.
Three meals are provided for you per day plus you must have couple of healthy snacks as well.
I really enjoyed most of the meals that were provided to me. I also had to cook few of them for my guests and they were really impressed! They couldn't believe it was my "diet" food.
My total food bill was around $120 for both of us for one week which I think is reasonable.


You have few options and levels to choose from. The intensity ranges from Beginner to Advanced and you can choose to exercise at home, gym, outdoor or do classes.

You are required to exercise most days. At first you might think that it is not possible or you won't be motivated enough to do it...but trust me you can fit one work out into your day! After all one hours of exercise is just 4% of your day.

Most programs offer a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility. You will also complete some tests so you can keep a track on your progress.


There is a forum with hundreds of current members who are willing to offer their suggestions and support. Michelle will also release couple of videos per week where she addresses important issues. She is a very good motivator and IMO her videos contribute heavily to the overall success of the program!

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