Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Favorite Summer Fragrances

I have countless bottles of perfumes (both miniatures and full sized). I love matching the scent to my mood or occasion and I don't think I can settle just for one or even two fragrances.

So out of my vast collection I've picked my top six fragarances that I love to wear in summer (not in any particular order, I probably like some just a bit more that others)

1. Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.
This is actually a hair mist but it works well as fragrance and just as long lasting as EDT. I have No. 5 and Mademoiselle hair mists too because I find they have less sillage (won't be smelled by people 2 meters away) and open up to middle notes quicker. The biggest bonus is they are 1/2 price of regular EDT! So you can enjoy Chanel without paying over $150.

Out of all Chances this one is my favourite. I like the advertisement, however I don't think I'll be drawn to this scent solely based on it. It has very distinct lemon and cedar notes with very slight accents of floral and pepper notes. This combination makes this fragrance very fresh and stylish plus my other half always tells me that I smell very nice when I wear it. I love wearing it during day and it is also work friendly as it has moderate sillage.

2. Christian Dior Miss Dior L'Eau.
Just over a year ago I got a miniature version of this gorgeous fragrance in a gift set. I fell in love with it instantly. It was simple, refreshing and pleasant. Some people say it is similar to Chance Eau Fraiche, however I find it more "white floral". Apparently it has only three constituents - bitter orange (top note), gardenia (middle) and musk (base). However they work so well together and make this scent fairly unique.
The advertisement definitely grabs my attention and wants me to experience this scent. Love it!

When it was first released it was a limited edition but then Dior decided to make it permanent to due its popularity. I went to enquire about it couple of months ago and was told that it has been renamed to Miss Dior Eau Fraiche. However it smelled nothing like the liquid in my miniature bottle. I was very lucky to find this little gem online.

3. Estee Lauder Azuree Soleil
This masterpiece was created when Tom Ford collaborated with Estee Lauder. Everything about this scent is gorgeous - from luxurious 70's-inspired bottle to clear liquid inside. The whole 2007 collection was gorgeous, pity I was a uni student back then and couldn't afford to buy bit and pieces of it.
The advertising campaign was simple yet powerful (to me at least) - beautiful girl in a white bikini enjoying sea, sun and sand. It looks like she has been doing it for quite sometime given her beach hair and glowing tan (not just a quick one day escape to the nearest  beach :)
The fragrance smells like a resort in a bottle! It has a distinct coconut note but it is not that sticky-sweet Bounty or coconut body butter one. It is much more sophisticated coconut note on the background of white flowers and hint of caramel. I like wearing it when I am going to the beach (however I don't leave it in a hot car - too precious!) or when I am going for a beach look. I also wore it in Thailand.
Estee Lauder was trying to re-create this scent in Bronze Goddess, it is very similar yet more sweeter and heavier than the original. I definitely recommend it if you can still find it.

4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea
Green Tea is they only Elizabeth Arden scent that I like.
It was the first fragrance that I purchased myself. I was just 16 and had to save my money for few weeks but it was worth it! The scent is very clean and refreshing, it smells like tea, mint and lemons to me. It stays close to the skin so it is very work friendly. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long but very modest price allows you to carry a bottle with you and re-apply as required.
I like the original advertisement campaign as opposed to the one with Catherine Zeta Jones. I think it represents this scent better - simple, refreshing and clean.

5. L'Eau Par Kenzo.
This gorgeous scent was already mentioned in my blog earlier this year.
It is my favourite water scent. Water lily, mint and pepper get along extremely and make this fragrance very unique and pleasant. I wear this one to work all the time. It makes you smell nice instead of like you are wearing a perfume.
Their old advertising campaigns are very cute. However I think the old bottle better represents the brand rather than fragrance.
 I think this campaign is the best one as it captured the essence of the scent the best. I love their new bottle, the only downside is the cap is not very secure so it lives at home rather than my handbag.

6. Dolce and Gabbana Anthology 3 L'Imperatrice
One of a very few fruity fragrances I truly love. I would describe it as watered-down fruity, like yummy summer punch! It smells like watermelon and kiwifruit with slight musk note to make it sexy.

The advertisement was interesting but it didn't made me run to stores and try them. I got it as a part of Anthology set and it was a clear winner out of the lot. I think its a great fragrance to wear when you want to impress someone yet you don't want to kill the mood with something too strong or sweet.

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  1. Some of these are my favourite! I hate when you find a perfect fragrence and then something else comes out and you fall in love all over again haha! x